Bad Habits Acne Fighters Should Break

As a acne fighter, you always have to pay attention to things that can worsen your skin condition. In order for your skin to improve, there are some habits you have to break!


  1. Changing skincare products too soon

It's okay to follow skincare trends just to find out. But it's not okay if you change your skincare too often to follow trends. Changing skincare too often will make it hard for you to find out which product works best on your skin. You also find it difficult to find out which ingredients are suitable or not suitable for your skin and it can make your skin condition even worse.



  1. Popping Acne

Popping acne is not recommended because it can cause new acne to appear. When a pimple burst, the bacteria in it can hit other parts of the face and cause new acne to appear. In addition, it will leave scars that are more difficult to go away.



  1. Not using skincare regularly

Don't be lazy to use skincare because skincare can help calm acne-prone skin. Make sure you use skincare that is suitable for your acne-prone skin, such as Acnecore+. Acnecore+ contains AC Care 1000 which can prevent acne-causing bacteria to develop. In addition, it also contain Tea Tree that can help reduce sebum production which is one of the causes of acne.





If you're not patient enough to treat your acne, you can use Acne Spot Gel by applying it to the inflamed acne. After the 1st day of usage, the acne will start to deflate. And if used regularly the acne will deflate without leaving scars or dark spots!

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