Keep Updated with 2022 Skincare Trend with Glowinc Potion

Every year trend always changes, including skincare trends. In 2022, skincare topics that will become a trend are Anti-inflammatory & Non-irritant skincare, Skinimalism and basic skincare ingredients : Niacinamide.



Skincare with Anti-inflammatory & Non-irritant properties is gentle on the skin, therefore doesn't cause irritation and could improve skin health. The ingredients contained in these products are also very safe for use on sensitive skin. GLOWINC POTION is a skincare brand from Indonesia that have non-irritant formula, which means that its skincare products do not contain formulas that can irritate the skin. One of the GLOWINC POTION series, Gentle+, can also help soothe sensitive skin or that have been exposed to products with ingredients that trigger inflammation.


The next skincare trend is Skinimalism. The term skinimalism is used to describe a simple, shorter and minimalist skincare routine. Using skincare with many steps doesn't guarantee good results on the skin, therefore this term was born. This trend has been carried out by GLOWINC POTION with #4SIMPLESTEPS skincare, which are cleanser, toner, serum & moisturizer. You just need to use this #4SIMPLESTEPS to get glowing & healthy skin.



Then, the skincare ingredient that will become trend this year is Niacinamide. Niacinamide is one of the basic ingredients that was on trend in 2020 & 2021. Apparently, its popularity doesn't end there because Niacinamide is an ingredient that have anti-inflammatory properties and can brighten skin while improving hyperpigmentation. You can get the benefits of Niacinamide by using the GLOWINC POTION Chroma+ series. Besides Niacinamide, Chroma+ also contains Chromabright which has been clinically proven to brighten skin in 30 days!


Surely you don't want to miss this year skincare trend? Get GLOWINC POTION now to stay up to date! Visit to directly purchase GLOWINC POTION.

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