Men Should Use Skincare Too!

Today is the International Men’s Day, a day to commemorate and raise awareness of the importance of men’s health, develop gender relations and promote gender equality. One of the things that match the commemoration of International Men’s Day is about using skincare.


Many people feel that using skincare should only be done by women. Well, it’s not true because everyone, regardless of gender, can & should use skincare. The benefits of using skincare are ranging from maintaining healthy skin to helping solve skin problems.


The order of using skincare and its price that is considered expensive are two of the many reasons why men don’t want to use skincare. For some people, especially those who are still a newbie in the world of skincare, the order of usage and the types of skincare can be confusing. This is why GLOWINC POTION exists! GLOWINC POTION is an anti hassle skincare brand. In every packaging, there is a number which shows the order of using skincare products. In addition, there are 6 series of GLOWINC POTION that you can choose from and use according to your skin type & problem. There’s Chroma+ for dull skin, Acnecore+ for acne-prone skin, Hydralive+ for dry skin, Gentle+ for sensitive skin, Maintain+ for normal skin & Forever+ for anti aging.


Men often have the oily and acne-prone skin type along with large pores. The causes are many, ranging from genetic factors to external factors such as pollution and consumption of unhealthy food. The perfect GLOWINC POTION series for this skin type & problem is Acnecore+. There are Tea Tree & Pore Reductyl inside Acnecore+ which can help to control sebum production and minimize the appearance of pores. AC Care 1000 is also available inside Acnecore+, which can fight and prevent the bacteria causing acne to show up on the skin.


No need to worry about the price because GLOWINC POTION can be purchased for under Rp100.000 per item! If you’re interested in trying GLOWINC POTION, checkout our official shop at Shopee, Tokopedia & Lazada.

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