Loving Yourself

These days the topic of self love is often heard and campaigned. The global korean group BTS was even chosen as a special speaker at the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) to speak about this topic. This has become a recurring topic of conversation, among young people. But what is self love - how important is it? And how can one come to love themselves?


Defining Self Love

As it's written, self love is loving oneself, but not to be mistaken with being narcissistic. Self love is being able to appreciate every little thing about yourself. Being able to cherish yourself and accept every strength and weakness you have, also being able to forgive yourself and understand that not everyone can be perfect.


Self love comes from understanding yourself, and what you need the most to find comfort in life. Understanding this concept will help you to guide yourself for a better direction. Some people might relentlessly love others and forget how to love themselves. The lack of self love might lead you to some mental problems, such as lack of self esteem or even depression.


How To Love Yourself

One thing that you should alway remember. Self love doesn’t always come from external factors such as having a comfortable life or having a lot of money, it comes from within yourself. Some might have a comfortable financial condition but are having a hard time to love themselves. Here are some things you can do to start loving yourself ;


Praising yourself for everything you have accomplished
Doing positive self affirmation to disrupt negative thinking habits
Self Forgiveness ; enables you to separate who you are, from the mistakes you have made
Live mindfully and be honest with yourself
Prioritise yourself and find things you would enjoy.


Self Care As A Form of Self Love

One of the most simple ways of self love and you can start immediately is self care ; like taking care of your skin as a form of self appreciation. Taking care of yourself can make a difference, and make you a better person.

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