Valentine's Day Gift Recommendation

February is the month full of love because February 14th is always celebrated as Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day was originally the day to commemorate the death of a priest named Valentine, though its legend and origin is still a mystery to this day.


One of the unique traditions on Valentine's Day is giving greeting cards & chocolates as gifts for couples. In 1868, a man named Richard Cadbury introduced chocolate as a gift to celebrate Valentine's Day. Few years earlier around the 1850s, a man called Esther Howland made greeting cards for Valentine's Day and managed to make a profit of Rp 1.4 billion! The tradition of giving chocolates & greeting cards as Valentine's Day gifts still continue today. However, there are other Valentine's Day gift recommendation !


Skincare is one of the perfect gift to give to your loved ones on Valentine's Day. Especially if it matches their skin type type & skin concern, it will definitely be a very memorable gift! You just have to choose the GLOWINC POTION series that matches them among these; Chroma+ for dull skin, Acnecore+ for acne-prone skin, Hydralive+ for dry skin, Gentle+ for sensitive skin, Maintain+ for normal skin & Forever+ for anti-aging.


No need to worry about the price because it's very affordable, starting from IDR 49,000! And you can get more value if you buy a set ! Don't forget to buy GLOWINC POTION only at the GLOWINC POTION official store at your favorite e-commerce or at!

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