How Acne Was Formed & How to Treat It?

Everyone must have experienced acne. The appearance of acne is normally caused by many factors such as hormonal changes, the environment & the use of skincare that may not be suitable for your skin. The appearance of acne can also be caused by clogged pores which then causes inflammation.




The first stage of acne is the buildup of dead skin cells which can be caused by too much sebum production and you are too lazy to clean and wash your face using cleanser. This will trigger the appearance of p.acnes bacteria. These acne-causing bacteria can multiply quickly and will get worse if not treated properly. If left unattended, the bacteria will multiply and mid inflammation occurs. When mid inflammation acne occurs, there is a big possibility that severe inflammation will occur and acne will appear. 


Acne is normal but its presence can be irritating & annoying most of the time. When there is severe inflammation, you must immediately apply GLOWINC POTION Acne Spot Gel. This spot treatment contains Biosalicylic Acid, Hydrolized Algin & Zinc Sulfate, and Poria Cocos Extract which have been clinically tested so they are safe to use. After application, you just need to wait because the inflammation will get better since the first time you use GLOWINC POTION Acne Spot Gel. Make sure you use the Acne Spot Gel after using #4SIMPLESTEPS skincare, specifically after using moisturized and before using sunscreen.

If you are having problems with hormonal acne or have an acne-prone skin, you must buy & use Acne Spot Gel now! Visit to directly checkout GLOWINC POTION Acne Spot Gel.

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