For you #GLOWGANG that already existed since the very beginning of GLOWINC POTION, you must have known that one of the best selling GLOWINC POTION series is Chroma+. Chroma+ is a skincare series that can help brighten the skin & disguise dark spots.


In fact, on the first day of GLOWINC POTION launching, Chroma+ was already the hot topic of the series and sold out in 2 weeks! Chroma+ is everyone’s favorite because of what it contains. There are two of the most famous ingredients, namely Niacinamide & Vitamin C. Both are already known to help brighten the face and disguise dark spots. The Vitamin C inside Chroma+ is Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, a derivative of Vitamin C which is more stable and not easily oxidized so it does not change color easily.  


Chroma+ also contains ingredients that have been clinically tested to brighten the face within 30 days in the serum, it is called Chroma bright. Chroma bright is a patented raw material that works by inhibiting the process of melanin formation.


If you’re excited to try Chroma+, you can buy it at the Glowinc Potion Official shop at your favorite ecommerce or at .

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