INSIDE: Glowinc Potion Acnecore+

Having acne-prone skin makes you afraid to change your skincare products & routine? Then GLOWINC POTION ACNECORE+ is the right choice for you!


GLOWINC POTION ACNECORE+ is a series of products consisting of ACNECORE+ Clear AC Low pH Gel Cleanser, ACNECORE+ Clear AC Toner, ACNECORE+ Clear AC Serum & ACNECORE+ Clear AC Everyday Moisturizer. ACNECORE+ is suitable for those of you whi have acne-prone skin problems and large facial pores. There are 6 main basic ingredients that can help your skin fight acne-causing bacteria!


AC CARE 1000

  • Natural anti-acne ingredients from various extracts of lotus leaf, green tea, guava leaf and angelica.

  • Has a strong acti-bacterial effect similar to Benzoyl peroxide.

  • It has been clinically proven not to cause irritation to the skin.



  • Helps skin replace dead skin cells that cover pores.

  • Helps reduce pore clogging & reduces excess sebum production.



  • It’s a pore size reducer & natural astringent that can help minimize the appearance of skin with excess sebum secretion.

  • Can help tighten the skin & control sebum production.



  • It can moisturize and improve skin function in protecting the body

  • It can help maintain balance & strengthen the skin barrier.

  • Helps prevent premature aging & reduces skin sensitivity.



  • It is a type of shrub from Australia.

  • Helps control sebum production of the face. 



  • Contains curcumin compounds which can help reduce acne.

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and is a good antioxidant for the skin.

  • Helps brighten the face naturally.


Those are the highlighted ingredients from GLOWINC POTION ACNECORE+ which will help you fight acne-causing bacteria. Stay tuned on all GLOWINC POTION pages & social media for more info!


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