Does Fasting Affect Our Skin?

It’s already the Holy Month of Ramadhan, #GlowGang! In this holy month, Muslims are required to fast from subuh (early in the morning) until maghrib (late afternoon). How’s your fast?


Speaking of fasting, does fasting affect our skin in any way? What will fasting do to our skin, is it good, or bad?


#GlowGang, turns out that fasting can positively affect our skin. Yes! It’s because, with fasting, our body changes our dead or broken skin cells a lot easier. So, our skin can change its cells to new and better ones at a faster pace. Is that all? Of course not! Here are some effects of fasting that can affect our skin.


1. Skin Detoxification

With fasting, our consumption of calories that we take is reduced, so it can help balance our body metabolism and increase our antioxidants, making our skin a lot healthier.



2. Dealing with Acne

Who would’ve thought that fasting can also help treat acne Acnes are the result of bacteria and toxins within our body, so, with fasting, acne can disappear a lot quicker. Wow, with the help of Acnecore+ Series & Acne Spot Gel, you can imagine how fast your acne can disappear!




3. Reducing the Signs of Aging

When you’re not fasting, the metabolism process in your body tends to be slower because of how often food enters your body. While fasting, the metabolism process in our body will get a lot faster which in turn makes the signs of aging show up a lot slower. You can help your skin by using our FOREVER+ Series from Glowinc Potion which can help reduce the signs of aging.





4. Prevents Skin Irritation

When fasting the body rests from the process of digesting and processing food that enters the body, so the body can focus more on working to regulate inflammatory conditions so that our immune system becomes stronger against infections and bacteria.




Those are some of the benefits of fasting for our skin, #GlowGang. Don't forget to always use skincare. Visit to check out GLOWINC POTION so that you’ll be even more glowing on Eid Al-Fitr :).

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