Trending Spot Gel Treatment From Glowinc Potion

Most people will pop their pimple or leave them alone when it should be treated until it's gone from our face. One way to get rid of acne is by using spot treatment.


Usually spot treatment is avoided because it often left white marks that's difficult to cover with makeup & looks messy. Most spot treatment even lead to a drier skin. But you don't have to worry anymore because GLOWINC POTION has transparent spot gel treatment that's easy to use & doesn't leave white spots.


To quickly get rid acne off your face, at first you can use Acnecore+ Acne Spot Gel. This transparent acne spot treatment is invisible & doesn't make your skin dry - thus doesn't makes you look like using any spot treatment. You can apply makeup with ease without worrying the area around the treatment might crack. Acnecore+ Acne Spot Gel can fights acne-causing bacteria to 70% & help reduce sebum to 57%. It also contains Poria Cocos Extract which could help reduce redness & relieve skin irritation.


If the redness has started to calm down but leaving dark spot, you can use Dark Spot SOS Ampoule. Similar to Acnecore+ Acne Gel, Dark Spot SOS ampoule is also transparent gel which can be use underneath makeup. Dark Spot SOS Ampoule can help reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne scars.


For maximum result, don't forget to use GLOWINC POTION skincare set that's suitable for your skin type & problems before using these spot gel treatment! Check out GLOWINC POTION official store at your favorite e-commerce !


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