ABOUT: Glowinc Potion Chroma+

Still having trouble dealing with dull skin? Worry not because GLOWINC POTION CHROMA+ is here!


Having dull skin often makes you feel upset, because whenever you wear a lighter shade of makeup your face will look dull. A dull skin tends to make you look tired & lifeless. The causes of dull skin vary, ranging from the accumulation of dead skin cells to frequent staying up late. A dehydrated and rarely or too often exfoliated skin can also become dull. 


The surefire way to prevent & brighten the skin is by exfoliating the skin at least 2-3 times a week. Exfoliating the skin is very important to remove dead skin cells that cause dull skin. The selection and use of the right skincare will also help to brighten the skin and one of the basic ingredients in skincare that is highly recommended for dull skin is Ceramide.


You can find Ceramide inside the GLOWINC POTION CHROMA+. The CHROMA+ series consist of CHROMA+ Bright Radiant Face Cleanser, CHROMA+ Bright Radiant Skin Toner, CHROMA+ Bright Radiant Serum & CHROMA+ Bright Radiant Everyday Moisturizer. The highlighted ingredients in CHROMA+ are Chromabright®, G2LIGHT, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Aloe water, Ceramide & Niacinamide.


CHROMA+ is perfect for you who have problems with dull skin & dark spots. Besides brightening the skin, CHROMA+ also can help to strengthen the skin barrier. Moreover, it is completely safe to use because it’s fungal acne friendly, dermatology tested, certified by BPOM, teen friendly & not animal tested.


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