Tips For A Glowing Skin To Welcome Christmas & New Year

Ho ho ho~ We are getting closer to the celebration of Christmas & New Year! To welcome this special day, everyone wants to show their best side and be the best version of themselves. Apart from personality, appearance also has to be as good. Healthy & glowing skin is sure to be the center of attention. You should definitely pay attention to these few tips so that your skin will glow on Christmas & New Year’s Day!


  1. Drink a lot of water

This may seem trivial, but it will have a huge impact on the health of your skin. In fact, 64% of your skin’s structure is water so your skin needs water to keep it hydrated. Besides being able to hydrate the skin, another benefit of consuming water for the skin is to make the skin plump and also to reduce the entry of external particles that can cause skin irritation & acne. Water can also prevent acne breakouts by counteracting the concentration of oil on the skin.




  1. Manage your sleep quality

In addition to maintaining physical fitness & health, quality sleep also has a good impact on the skin. Night is the right time to regenerate skin cells. When you sleep, old skin cells are replaced with new skin cells. Moreover, the process of repairing your skin tissue will also become more optimal and can prevent fine wrinkles & signs of premature aging.



  1. Do your skincare routine

Using skincare is one way to take care of your skin and help your skin to be healthy & look glowing. You have to use skincare products in accordance with your skin type & problem. If you are still not sure of which skincare to use, you can make GLOWINC POTION as an option. You can pick and use GLOWINC POTION according to your skin type & problem; Chroma+ for dull skin, Acnecore+ for acne-prone skin & large pores, Hydralive+ for dry & dehydrated skin, Gentle+ for sensitive skin, Maintain+ for normal skin & Forever+ for anti aging.



Those are the 3 simple tips that can help your skin to glow for Christmas & New Year. For an even better result, always do the tips above every day. If you want to start using GLOWINC POTION, you can check out GLOWINC POTION at your favorite ecommerce or at !

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