That Moment When You Accidentally Spill Your Favorite Skincare

You must have at least one skincare that you always use and has become your holy grail. Every day, morning & night you use the same product and it always give good results to your skin. But have you ever experienced the moment when you accidentally spill your favorite skincare?


There are many causes for skincare to spill and they are often due to your own mistakes. For example, because it was placed on the edge of the table, accidentally bumped or because your cat dropped it intentionally. One of the most commonly spilled skincare is toner, which is obvious because of its liquid texture and bottle-shaped packaging. Imagine if you just bought a toner and it spilled at night, your heart would definitely hurt.


But if you use toner from GLOWINC POTION, you don’t have to worry. Because every GLOWINC POTION toner packaging has a bottle stopper installed that can help prevent too much product from coming out. The risk of spilling is also minimized because the stopper will hold the liquid. So, you don’t have to worry too much about your toner running out when you accidentally drop it when you use GLOWINC POTION.


Make sure you use GLOWINC POTION toner based on your skin type & problem. Check & follow our Instagram @glowincpotion for more information about all GLOWINC POTION sereis. Don’t forget to always buy GLOWINC POTION products only at the official store at ShopeeTokopedia & Lazada or at the official GLOWINC POTION stockist.

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