When Will My Reflection Show My Skincare Results?

How long does using your skincare take to actually see the results? Of course when we start to use skincare, the results can't be instant. To achieve maximum results, everything takes time and process, right?


So, do you want to know the time-frame? Here’s some pro secret for you:





The benefits are brightening and more even skin tone, fade dark spots/pigmentation = skin is brighter and more glowing!

Results in : 4+ Weeks


Hyaluronic Acid

The benefits are moisturizing & hydrating = skin is more supple and plump & bouncy!

Results in : time of use


Salicylic Acid

The benefits are reducing acne, exfoliating, and calming = smoother skin and no more clogged pores!

Results in : time of use (maximum results after 12 weeks)



The benefits are strengthening the skin barrier = skin that is anti-fragile!

Results in : 3-6 Months



The benefits are fades wrinkles = fresh and younger looking skin!

Results in : 3-6 Months


These are more or less, the timeframe for your skin to start showing the result of your favorite skincare ingredients. So, which ingredients do you need in your current skincare routine, #GLOWGANG?


To get the most maximum result, GLOWINC POTION has formulated a special skincare set with the hero ingredients that synergize with each other to answer your skin concerns, starting from cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer! Come check them out now at!

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