6 Series of Glowinc Potion



GLOWINC POTION presents 6 series of skincare products that can be used based on every skin needs & concerns. You can pick one out of these 6 series GLOWINC POTION!


1. ACNECORE+ ➞ for Acne

•  Can help to fight bacteria causing acne.

•  Can help minimize the appearance pores that can cause acne.

2. CHROMA+ ➞ for Brightening

•  This series is suitable for you who have problems with dullness & dark spots.

•  Help to strengthen skin barrier. 

3. GENTLE+ ➞ for Sensitive Skin

•  Can soothe sensitive skin.

•  Help to strengthen the skin barrier. 

4. HYDRALIVE+ ➞ for Hydration

•  Can help to keep the skin moisture.

•  Help to protect the skin barrier. 

5. MAINTAIN+ ➞ for Normal Skin

•  Can help to hydrate the skin.

•  Can help to prevent the signs of aging.

➞ for Anti Aging

•  Can help to disguise wrinkles & fine lines.

•  Help to strengthen skin barrier.



These are the 6 series of GLOWINC POTION. Every series is fungal acne friendly, dermatology tested, certified by BPOM, teen friendly & not animal tested.

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