Guys Don’t Need Skincare? WRONG!

Don’t you just swoon when you see guys who take care of their skin? Which one would you choose?


Guys with dull faces, lots of blackheads, large pores?


Guys whose skin is clean, GLOWINC✨, and smooth?


Guy’s Skin FACTS

Guy’s skin have more collagen and elastin which makes their skin thicker and firm.

This also causes signs of aging on their skin to appear more slowly than women’s skin

So does that means... guys don't need to use skincare? Of course they do!


WHO SAYS Guys Don't Need Skincare?

Guy’s skin also needs to be cared and protected. Not only for appearance, but also for health. Don't worry about using which skincare, it's actually not complicated!




Washing your face can reduce excess oil production, you know! Especially before you shave.


Step 2 : TONER
Clean up your face from dirt and reduce facial irritation.


Step 3 : SERUM
Helps fight harmful effect of pollution and free radicals.


So that your skin is not dry & hydrated


So, what are you waiting for? Do you want your skin to glow in just #4SimpleSteps and be one of the GLOWGUYS? Grab the GLOWINC Hydralive+ Series at BeautyHaul.com now!

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