Glowing Preparation for Eid

Hi, Glowgang! Time flies fast and now we’re at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, and Eid Al-Fitr is fastly approaching. What have you prepared to welcome Eid? Have you prepared your skin to look glowing and turn heads in the coming Hari Raya celebrations? It’s not too late for you, Glowgang! Let’s see how you can make your skin glow in time for the Hari Raya Celebration!


Double Cleansing

Don’t forget to always double cleanse to make sure your skin is at its cleanest and all the dead skin cells are lifted and don't clog your pores. For the first step, use a cleanser, like cleansing oil, milk cleanser, or micellar water. And then, for the second step, wash your face using the facial wash. Glowinc Potion’s Facial wash is available in 6 different series that are tailored to your skin’s needs!





Exfoliate regularly 2 to 3 times a week to achieve maximum results. This process can remove the outer layer of dead skin cells so that the skin surface becomes smoother and cleaner.




Brighten your skin with Skincare

For a faster result, use skincare that has ingredients to brighten your skin like CHROMA+, which has Niacinamide & Vitamin C within its ingredients, and has been tested to brighten up and hide black spots. Furthermore, the Chroma Bright in it works by inhibiting the process of melanin formation.



Use Sheet mask

To maintain your skin’s humidity, we can also use a sheet mask at night before we go to bed. Remember to not use it for too long, just use it for 10 - 15 minutes.



Use Sunscreen

This is the most important part, don’t forget to apply sunscreen! Because sunscreen can protect your skin from UV lights.



Those are some things that can help your skin to glow in Hari Raya. But other than that, don’t forget to drink water and eat healthy food when suhoor and breaking the fast. Try to exercise so your body stays fit, and avoid stress. Don’t forget to check out GLOWINC POTION at, there’s CHROMA+ that can help your skin to be brighter a lot faster!

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