ABOUT: Glowinc Potion Hydralive+

Make sure your skin is hydrated & moisturized with HYDRALIVE+ !


People with dry skin type often feel uncomfortable because dry skin can make the face feel stiff or like being pulled. This occurs when the topmost layer of skin, known as the epidermis, doesn't get enough moisture. Another cause is decrease in sebum production, which is a natural oil that acts as a skin lubricant. Dry skin can also be caused by several external factors such as the weather and choosing the wrong face wash. To maintain skin moisture, the use of appropriate skin care products is highly recommended.


GLOWINC POTION HYDRALIVE+ is a perfect choice to hydrate & moisturize your skin ! Besides being able to provide moisture to every layer of the skin, HYDRALIVE+ can also help maintain the skin barrier & help reduce skin sensitivity. In a series of GLOWINC POTION HYDRALIVE+ there are HYDRALIVE+ Moisture Lock Gel Cleanser, HYDRALIVE+ Moisture Lock Skin Drink Essence, HYDRALIVE+ Moisture Lock Serum, & HYDRALIVE+ Moisture Lock Everyday Moisturizer.


With 8 layers of Hyaluronic acid, Triple ceramide, Cucumber & Rice water, GLOWINC POTION HYDRALIVE+ can provide moisture in every layer of your skin & hydrate your skin all day long!


GLOWINC POTION HYDRALIVE+ is definitely fungal acne friendly, dermatology tested, certified by BPOM, teen friendly & not animal tested. For maximum results, use it everyday, morning & night.


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