7 Acne Locations That Can Tell You About Your Health!

Is it true that the location of the acne that appears on your face shows a sign? It's definitely not like reading stars in the sky, bestie. But the location of your pimples on the face can tell you something about your habit or health condition!


Here’s Gray's Acne Face Map to help you find out the cause of pimples that appear & the solution!



Forehead & Nose

Cause :
•  Stress
•  Skincare Products
•  Touching your face with dirty hands

Solution :
•  Manage your stress: meditate, exercise or better sleep!
•  Use non-comedogenic skincare
•  Remind yourself: don’t touch your face!


Cause :

•  Hair Gel
•  Pomade
•  Wax

Solution :
•  Try stop using your hair product temporarily
•  Don't forget to wash your face after application
•  Use clarifying shampoo min. once a week


Cause :
•  Allergic to hair products
•  Bacteria build up
Solution :
•  Read the ingredients and research your allergy triggers again
•  When washing your face, don't forget the ear lobe and behind

Eyebrow Area

Cause :
•  Makeup
•  Dirty water

Solution :
•  Use eye-makeup remover + double cleansing (oil cleansing + face wash)
•  Use a water filter on your faucet


Chin & Jaw

Cause :
•  Irregular Hormones
•  Diet

Solution :
•  Eat less processed food.
•  Drink less dairy and its derivatives.
•  If the acne is inflamed & cystic, it's better to check with your doctor too!


Cause :
•  Irregular hormones
•  Clothes too tight

Solution :
•  Check with your doctor and/or gyno
•  Wear flowier, sweat-absorbent clothes


Cause :
•  Dirty pillowcase
•  Dirty makeup brush
•  Dirty phone screen

Solution :
•  Clean your phone screen with disinfectant regularly
•  Don't take your phone to the bathroom!
•  Change pillow case min. once a week.


So let’s check out your acne location, GlowGang. And don't forget to use ACNECORE+ series, which is formulated to help you fight acne, anywhere on your face!

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