No Debate, our Hottest item in 2022 goes to Acne Spot Gel

We were actually surprised + touched, ACNECORE + Acne Spot Gel is selling like hotcakes on Glowinc website and all of e-commerce. There are sooo many DMs and reviews, to the Glowinc team mailbox, or those that are viral on social media, that say that this Acne Spot Gel helps to fight our GlowGang acne, even in one use!



2022 is indeed The Year of New Normal. We are going out to public places more often. Surely, our GlowGang is always wearing masks, right??? Well, you know that  'maskne' is sometimes one of the "side effect".


No wonder that lots of people make this Glowinc acne gel a part of their new normal kit! It can be used easily anywhere because of the shape of the tube, and the texture of the gel is transparent and invisible. Biosalicylic Acid, Hydrolyzed Algin, Zinc Sulfate and Poria Cocos Extract all unite to help fight and treat your pimples effectively without irritation, only with IDR 50K!


Now we wonder… this year, which Glowinc Potion product will be Glowgang’s hottest item?

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