ABOUT: Glowinc Potion Acnecore+

Calling out all acne fighters!


Having skin that is prone to breakouts is not easy. Skin that is prone to breakouts is also known as acne-prine, which usually occurs to people with oily-sensitive or dry-sensitive skin. The causes of acne are varied, ranging from hormones, excess sebum production to the presence of bacteria. But in general, acne appears when the hair follicles are clogged with oil and dead skin cells which then cause blockages in the pores. 


You can recognize the appearance of acne when a reddish or yellow bump is accompanied by itching. When the acne gets worse, special treatment will be needed. Using the right skincare products like GLOWINC POTION is highly recommended!


ACNECORE+ is made especially for you, acne fighters! Just like the other series, ACNECORE+ have 4 products namely; ACNECORE+ Clear AC Low pH Gel Cleanser, ACNECORE+ Clear AC Toner, ACNECORE+ Clear AC Serum & ACNECORE+ Clear AC Care Everyday Moisturizer. The highlighted ingredients in ACNECORE+ are AC Care 1000, Succinic Acid, Pore reductyl, Triple ceramide, Tea Tree & Turmeric water.


All in all, it can be concluded that ACNECORE+ is suitable for anyone who has acne-prone skin problems because it can help fight acne-causing bacteria. In addition, ACNECORE+ can also help shrink the pores!


GLOWINC POTION ACNECORE+ has been confirmed to be fungal acne friendly, dermatology tested, certified by BPOM, teen friendly & not animal tested. For a maximum result, use ACNECORE+ everyday morning & night!


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